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Comments on any post are strongly encouraged as long as they contribute to the conversation. I could really use feedback on every post, or I’ll never know if anyone likes what I’m saying. While I don’t mind talking to myself, it could lead to problems in the future. 

To prevent spam and undesired postings, I do screen all posts for inappropriate content before approval. I will not edit any comments; only approve or deny. I haven’t denied one yet.

Negative commentary will not be permitted (opposing views are very welcome if they are part of an intellectual process using a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition; refer to Monty Python’s “Argument” sketch).

Foul language, threats, harassment, or any other such wasting of my time or yours in the comments will simply be trashed.

This blog is intended only as a learning and discussion forum. Do not attempt to sell, trade or otherwise conduct business via the blog commentary. Yes, this blog is on behalf of DFD Architects, but that is the extent of the marketing; I promise.

I look forward to your comments and discussions!