Why is electricity so hard to understand?

Grasping the concept of electricity is easy once you accept a very simple idea:

Grasping the concept of electricity is easy once you accept a very simple idea:

Electricity is only a transportation system.

We don’t use electricity in our homes, schools and businesses; we use energy. We need energy to do work. Electricity allows us to move the energy we need to do work from one place to another. That work could be mechanical movement, or the creation of light and heat. How do you capture the energy of a strong wind in West Texas; transport it hundreds of miles to your front porch, and then use it to make your ceiling fan blow a gentle breeze on your face on a hot summer evening? You use electricity to move that energy. You’re home or business’ electrical meter is not measuring electricity; it’s measuring the amount of energy you are using. Have you ever noticed that nobody uses the term “Electricity Conservation”? Why is that? Because you can’t consume or conserve electricity. We strive to efficiently use energy. We don’t use up the road as we drive down it, and we don’t run out of water pipe as we take a shower. The medium, or transport method, is entirely different from what moves along it. We are moving and converting energy.

In the end, energy only changes from one form to another. Stored energy is released when fossil fuels are burned to create heat, which boils water to create steam, that spins huge turbines engineered to transfer that energy electromagnetically wherever we need it. Instead of burning limited quantities of fuel, we also use wind turbines to convert mechanical movement into energy we can store and move. Energy never goes away; it just finds a new form and another job to do.

Wouldn’t you like to know why that light comes on when you flip the switch and be able to explain to your child what electricity really is? No, I’m not an engineer or electrician (although having a great electrical engineer for a Dad does help), but understanding and explaining the basics is something everyone can do. Through a series of posts in the coming weeks, I’m going to explain the underlying concepts of electricity, how we use it to transform and move energy, and explain the systems and equipment that allow us to harness the unbelievable power our universe provides us. It will involve some physics, a little chemistry, some easy math, funny examples of what electricity does not do, and hopefully just enough humorous metaphors to lighten the load (pun intended). In the end you probably won’t be ready to install a distribution panelboard, repair the control board in  your flat screen TV, or be qualified to go anywhere near a high voltage power line, but I think it will change the way you look at the world around you.

I hope it sparks your interest.

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