The design and construction of long term care facilities such as Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s (Memory Care) and Independent Living, requires Architects, Engineers and Contractors to navigate a seemingly unending and constantly changing mountain of building codes, standards and licensing rules.

Through my own experience in the design, inspection and construction of these types of facilities (along with an unhealthy obsession for reading and understanding codes, standards and their relevant laws and statutes), I hope to simplify and teach the concepts, requirements and approaches necessary to create healthy, safe and comfortable homes for those approaching or enjoying their retirement years.

I am a firm believer that ignorance is the biggest danger our society faces. When the safety of our family, friends and neighbors is at stake; ignorance is not an option. I will continue to pass along all that I have learned (and continue to learn) until I can’t speak another word. I am flattered when my clients and colleagues cite me as an expert reference. All too often however, the information I have passed along at seminars, classes, site visits and in my own office, is repeated so many times that the original idea is lost. I want to directly teach anybody who cares to learn about these subjects, so I never again have to hear the phrase,

“Well, Shawn said…”

About the author:

Shawn Gillen is Vice President and a Partner at DFD Architects; the leading long term care Architectural Design firm in Texas. DFD Architects specializes in the design and construction administration of licensed Nursing, Assisted Living, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and other healthcare occupancies. Shawn has 20 years of experience in Architectural design, having managed, designed and or produced over 6 million square feet of Long Term Care, Educational, Commercial and Residential projects. As a former Architect and Federal surveyor for the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Shawn has become a resource for owners, architects, contractors and various authorities on all subjects related to code compliance, fire-resistive construction, emergency systems, and any other subject that seems to arise.

Shawn lives in Central Texas with his Beautiful wife and two children.